Building projects, reform projects and rehabilitation projects.                              

We like to work on the drafting of all types of building projects from the first ideas of the preliminary project to the detail in the execution project, managing the processing of the licenses and authorizations necessary to carry out the works.

  • Single-family Home Project
  • Multi-family Home Projects
  • Rehabilitation Projects
  • Renovation Projects
  • Preliminary Projects

Energy Certificates

It is the certificate that classifies the property according to its energy consumption, and which is mandatory from June 1, 2013 when buying or selling a premises, office, home or building. We take care of the visit, issuance of the certificate and electronic processing with the Administration.

Habitability Certificates                          

It is the administrative document that certifies compliance with the regulations on habitability in homes and premises. If you need it for any of the purposes (sale, contracting of supplies, first occupation … etc.) we will process the certificate of habitability and the necessary documentation to obtain the certificate.

Reports and Expertise

Write reports of all kinds for the needs of our clients

ITEs (Technical Building Inspection)

We write the reports of the IEE’s (Building Evaluation Report) in order to comply with current regulations on building safety and the legal duty of conservation on the part of the owners.

Demolition Projects and Legalization Projects

We respond to your concerns if you have an illegal building. We will study the urban regulations to check the viability of the legalization of your construction, either on rustic land or on urban land, and if this is possible we will proceed to the processing of the legalization.

Interior and Exterior Design Projects

We don’t just design buildings; we also decorate the interior so they adapt to your tastes:

  • Interior Design Projects
  • Custom furniture design
  • Landscaping & Gardens
  • Swimming pools

Consulting service

We offer advice for all sorts of projects, helping you choose the solution that is in your best interest:

  • Zoning Advice
  • Legal Advice
  • Construction Advice
  • Economic Advice

Control Constructions Management. Project manager.

The purpose is to become the contact required for the coordination of planning, programming, design, scheduling, costing and supervision of the project.

  • Project Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Budgeting and budget management
  • Construction Cost Control
  • Construction Management